tag is the cheapest way to pay for your toll:

  • it's deposit free
  • toll credit never expires
  • travel on all Australian toll roads, click here to view a map of interstate toll roads
  • no minimum usage fees
  • only $25 in prepaid tolls to set-up your account

You simply attach the small tag to the inside of your vehicle's windscreen. As your vehicle travels under the toll point the tag will beep once, which means that the toll has been deducted from your account.

tag beeps

Your tag is provided with pre-determined data, to match your individual vehicle's details. The tag will make different sequences of beeping noises as you pass under a toll point to assist you in managing your account effectively and ensuring your account maintains a credit balance.

1 beep
The toll has been successfully paid

1 beep followed by 2 beeps
The toll has been successfully paid and you have reached your low balance warning.

If you have a manual top-up arrangement, you will need to add credit to your account (a $1.08 manual top-up fee will apply). If you have an automatic top-up, we will take your nominated top-up increment from your specified account free of charge.

4 beeps

Please discontinue using your tag and contact us immediately. If you continue to use your tag, you may incur administration fees.

tag account holders are required to ensure their account has a credit balance. If you listen and follow your tag's beeps, you can enjoy hassle-free travel.

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If you wish to use cash to make your initial payment of $25 in prepaid tolls you will need to visit one of our Customer Service Centres or a participating retailer using a account card. If you do not have a account card, please call to arrange for your card to be issued.

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